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Designed for Industry Growth

We assembled a talented team of engineers and leveraged experience gained from working with 400+ active FM clients to build software intended to benefit all users within the FM ecosystem—multi-site FM teams, contractors, and property managers. The user-friendly system delivers flexible features and support solutions that maximize capabilities, heightening your ability to customize, streamline workflows, and reduce costs.

We built Umbrava to be flexible with the ability for features and capabilities to be easily added. We will continue collaborating with our 250+ users to gain their feedback and input to improve the user experience. Umbrava has the potential to grow with our users because this industry never stops growing.

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About Umbrava

Leadership Team

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Umbrava Founder William Paparella
William E. Paparella

William founded Broadway National in 1989 and has successfully managed the company's services and operations for nearly 35 years. He founded Umbrava in 2018, assembling a team of software engineers and developers, to create the Next-Gen in facilities maintenance management platforms.

Umbrava Chief Technology Officer Dave D'Amico
Dave D'Amico
Chief Technology Officer

Dave brings 18+ years of IT and software engineering experience to the company. He leads the Umbrava development team as they navigate through the challenges and complexity of building, designing, coding, and testing the software, and ensuring that the product performs as designed.

Umbrava Director of Sales Mike Earl
Mike Earl
Director of Sales

As Director of Sales for Umbrava, Mike focuses on providing users with positive experiences and works with the sales and marketing teams to drive growth and brand expansion. Mike brings 16+ years of sales experience, with an emphasis on technology and software over the past 12, to Umbrava, and has held several senior executive positions prior to joining our team.

Umbrava Lead Software Engineer Andrew Keen
Andrew Keen
Lead Software Engineer

Andrew brings 8+ years of full stack development and management experience to Umbrava. He is tasked with overseeing the development team and ensuring that all objectives and goals of the products roadmap are met by establishing unobstructed information exchange and efficiency.

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How to Get Started

Interested in trying Umbrava? There are two ways to learn more.

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